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the small things(:

hey- happy sunday night(: i hope you all had a wonderful weekend! my aunt, uncle, and my little cousin finny left back for ny early this morning- miss them already! started off this beautiful sunday with a bowl of ….

OATS! oats with banana &  egg white whipped in, accompanied by a crumbled organic very berry granola bar, banana sliced on top, sliced almonds, clementine, & raisins on the bottom- yummm! i love it when you reach the bottom and there they are 🙂 its like when you used to get the presents in the cereal-

after going on a walk with my dad on saturday afternoon, i walked into the house to find the smell of my aunts famous freshly baked raisin crumble rolls. i flew into the kitchen to pick up a warm doughy thing of goodness, and slathered some peanut butter right on 😛 what a yummy snack!  dont you love aunts?

this is from a body lotion i got for christmas! strange i know, but this quote was really relatable to me:

how you climb up the mountain is just as important as how you get down the mountain.

this makes me think so much about how the path i was on months ago was so horrible and scary, and to get back to health that path was also scary, but it was so beautiful and inspiring and taught me so much!  i saw this and i really wanted to share this with everyone who is recovering, recovered, or even just seeking a little advice from the lotion doctors 😉

i hope you all had an AMAZING, sunshiney weekend, and i send you all huge hugs for this upcoming week!

xoxo always


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friday (:

hellooo! dont you love fridays? they are so fun! its currently 11:13 here in london and i just got back from a party at a friends(: it was really fun & it felt so good to be with friends! one thing i just found out though is that my 89 year old granny is really sick today. im trying to send her really positive vibes!  on to the eats(:


oats cooked in soymilk, sprinkled with coconut flakes, mixed dried fruits, apple, and PB! (DOESNT THAT GLOB LOOK HUGE? in reality, its melted on top of an apple slice- so it looks huge! that was really sneaky)

this photo makes me wanna eat it all over again !

yogurt mess! fage greek yogurt, sliced almonds, honey granola, blueberries, and blackberries

i love yogurt messes so much…oh my goodness they should be illegal.

now im going to go catch up on everyones fantastic blogs! have a beauuutiful friday night & an amazing start to your weekend!

xoxo  ♥


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Cookie time!

hey! happy wednesday 😀 i had a basketball program today- i’ve been doing it since monday and im loving it! i have to make sure i eat A WHOLE LOT though! sometimes i think i forget how much my body truly needs… the only person who can keep me healthy IS me- does that make sence? well today me and my 5 year old cousin finn had a fun night together! my mom and my aunt were at the soup kitchen all night so i was  happy to watch him: he is the cutest and guess what? he loves blog surfing! i was like OKAY we are definitely related! 😛

Finny in all his glory!

We decided to make cookies together! He lovesss nuts so decided to adapted some recipes and come up with this crazy creation… he even made one shaped as a giraffe!


1 cup whole wheat flour

1 cup sliced almonds

½ cup oats

½ cup agave

½ cup sunflower oil

½ tsp vanilla

2 tbsp lemon zest

Grind the oats in a food processor  (or blender if you dont have one 😉 next add in the flour and mix it all up! gradually pour in the oil and agave together in a separate bowl. Add the vanilla & lemon zest, and mix for a minute or so! roll about an inch of dough into a ball and place on a cookie sheet (oiled or covered in parchment paper) and flatten- bake for 10 minutes and most importantly… ENJOY!

*makes 22 cookies and one giraffe shaped cookie 😉

crumbled into a bowl with green and blacks vanilla ice cream and smooshed strawberries and conserve 😀 !

i hope you all had an amazing wednesday!


soph ♥

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HELLO OH MY GOODNESS! i have not been able to access my blog for so long! i changed my password and then forgot it and then forgot what email i signed up with… AHHH 😛

well i learned some  valuable stuff over these past weeks!

1. oatmeal is the best food in the world! okay we all knew that but oh my gosh its amazing

2. sushi tastes even better homemade(:

3.  food is even better on a shirt recieved for christmas!

ahh! they are frosting covered and it says ‘feelin saucy!’ ahhaha!  i have matching pants which i am wearing(:

4. oats + nanner + mighty maple + more nuts = happy happy sophie!

5. loving yourself is the best love imaginable ♥

planning on watching glee all over again because it just started here! i love it. oh! and mom is planning on sending me to this camp:

it looks really fun its a camp where you can be yourself, DO YOGA!, sing, dance, henna! – mom is going to be doing a retreat there, and im going with 2 friends (: im super excited… what do you think?!  and that food— hellooo! hahah of course thats what i would think about! i hope everyone is doing soo well and i send massive ehugs!



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hi! how are youuu doing today[: ? hoping you all had a great week so far! unfortunately i have been sick and most of my day has been eating experimenting with my daddys camera …and sleeping! had a good day today though- feeling alot better. eats today were so good!

really cinnomany oaties[: whipped banana oats, CINNAMMONNN, almond buutter, plain vanilla yogurt,honey

this was yesterdays breakfast… todays photo was like SO bad! i was too sleepy to realize until now! hehee-

lets do organic cone, green and blacks chocolate & vanilla ice cream — oh goodness…maybe this wasnt so good for a sicky girl?!

omelette made by mom- 2 eggs, stuffed with feta and mushrooms, 2 slices wholemeal bread. danival ketchup & smoothie on the side!

a favoritee- plain greek yogurt with honey, blueberries, and strawberries!

moms stirfry (carrot, chicken, broccoli, corn, alfalfa sprouts) over brown rice.. almost couldnt finish this i felt so sick! but it was too good[:

spelt fllakes with milk, banana, and a little drizzle of agave mmm

i hope you all had days filled with sunshine and fun! my current obsession of the moment is christmas cookies! have to make some soon huh? sweet dreams and talk soon!



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I scream, you scream, we all scream for…

Happy monday! Back to school and back to work after the long weekend huh? Bleehhh! Leave me home with my pumpkin pie[: I have been doing homework non-stop yeesssh. Had a really good day at school and went to starbucks with a friend! whats your favorite at starbucks? mine is the soya chai latte. mmm love it!

whipped banana oats, LOTS of fruit, flax, almond butter, almonds! (almond overload:)

started off the rainy london morning (i miss the sun of the hamptons!) with a bowl of whipped banana oats, added in flax and a couple of almonds, strawberries and raspberries, and topped it off with almond butter! my ultimate comfort food and weekness[: !

lemon cookies from whole foods along with a delicious apple!

lunch made at school! hovis whole wheat bread, turkey, lettuce, honey mustard (MMM) kettle cooked chips and an unpictured apple on the side

had a soya chai at starbucks before track & then came home and had… vanilla yogurt with honey roasted almonds, apricot jam, and a dried mango slice! ( I LOVE MANGO!)

wholewheat spegetti (i am a clueless speller) with homemade tomato sauce and cheese and 2 chicken breast on the side (with more tomato sauce!) also roasted veggies[:

typical american!

green and blacks organic strawberry ice cream– okay there were about 2 scoops left so i just said what the heck! and added some strawberries and ate it right from the carton!

had a really good day today but there was this kid who was younger then me who saw my lunch and said “Well its no wonder you gained so much weight”. Eesh- that was annoying to hear- especially because i dont concider that to be alot of food! compared to what i was eating on weight gain! i need the food and i have to keep assuring myself of that because sometimes i forget- going to read a book to my little sister and then might catch up on some GOSSSIP GIRL! hope you all had a wonderful day[:



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hey! super busy day today[: a day filled with banannanas! i dont know why i spell bannanananas like that. bananananas! woke up pretty early to do our family christmas card photo shoot- it was interesting…to say the least! then we walked to a japanese pplace for lunch and then i went to a friends and we watched movies! it was really fun – now what did i eat today?

whipped bannananna oatmeal with raisins, choc nut PB, agave, strawberries, and apricots!



veggie chips go best with george clooney!

tyrells natural veggie chips along with an article on george clooney[:

went to a japanese place and got chicken tofu ramen! so warm and yummy[:

me & my friend went a little nuts and made mushy banannanas with melted DCD PB! mmm choclateeey!

amys brown rice, tofu, and mixed veggies bowl! i added a grilled chicken breast && more veggies. mashed banananas mixed with honey on the side (what a surprise, more bananas!)

finished off the night with a strawberry smoothie- green and blacks organic strawberry ice cream, half a banana (again!) milk, and ice.

going to watch 500 days of summer with my momma and daddy now[: i hope you all had a wonderful day!! (and maybe it was less nanner filled then mine!)



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Sleepy days and slumdog nights!

well hey! had a super lazy day today as I was tired from thanksgiving fun[: well basically – all i did was eat, sleep, and surfffff! okay not real surfinggg. blog surfing! it was so nice today though so me and my sister had a picnic outside and did some walking in the park- i loved it!

breakfast was fun[:

whipped banana oats, two tbsp almond butter, yeovalley organic whipped cream, raspberries

morning snack was mint hot cocoa & a ms. crimble’s gluten free macaroon *love this snack!*


for lunch i had barilla plus with chicken, pesto, and mixed veggies …mmm

banana flower! aka whole earth choc nut PB and a sliced bananaaaa[:

veggie gumbo mix on top of brown rice– my mom makes yummy veggies! had some apple pie from last night as well

and what could be better then ending the night with some green tea ice cream and slumdog millionaire with my little sis!?

i am in a really good state right now… i feel balanced and i feel like im living life in the moment! i have to admit though- at one point of the day i was slightly annoyed (an emotion i rarely experience!) at my family for all restricting the day after thanksgiving. my ed was coming out and then i shut myself up and glued a smile right back on! “aw screw it,” i said to myself, “im gonna have a slice of pie!” sweet dreams everyone! i hope you had an amazing day today! dont let the bedbugs bite please[:



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Gobble Gobble!

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a great day today (i know everyone doesnt celebrate turkey day- dont worry, i ate some pie for you;) I had such a great day today! even though i didnt start the day with carrot cake oats! oh well but i went ice skating, did tons of cooking, and had friends over for thanksgiving dinner! this was the best thanksgiving ever… what makes me happy is that i never thought i would enjoy this kind of food again..and i ate a huge portion and i had pie too.. i really am at a great place[: with all the support i have gotten its amazing! i love so many people and im so thankful for you !



apricot, banannaa!, walnuts, PB, raisins, and of course oaaaaats!

oats banana, walnuts, raisins, peanut butter, dried apricot cooked in milk

deliciousness! plain froyo with seeds && granola

FROYO ! and my dads coffeee… i was stealing sips! i like hot and cold things haha[:


me and my sisters! (im in the middleee!)

here was us ice skating today… soososoo fun

was cold after skating so i had homemade tomato soup with wholewheat gouda grilled cheese YUMMM

i dont have a photo of thanksgiving food im sorrryyy- but i do have a slice of pie photo!


made with gala apples, homemade crust (all organic ingredients- hemp flour OMG!?) and yeovalley whipped cream

at dinner we said what we were thankful for and we were all getting all teary- it was so bonding thouggh[: i said a special thank you to all of the bloggers i love xxx

sweet dreams and happy thanksgiving!

xoxoox, sophie





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A day of Goodness

Hey there!! Sorry I am so delayed on this… haha i am such a liar “will post tomorrow” ! very fun day today! i went with my mom and little sister to whole foods to pick up a ton of stuff! pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing! it was very exciting yet i was surprised when i felt myself acting a bit scared… i had to kick myself and say shut up ED! keep on breathinggg thats what my mom always says! picked out lots of goodies and i want so badly to share! Other then shopping, had a pretty chill day! went to the park with friends, got my daily dose of blogs[: on with the eats!
breakfast was experimental! Choco Banana Raisin Dreams**

Raisin Choco Banana Dreams


I experimented and put like 3 tablespoons of raisins on the bottom and let them like heat up! it was really gooddd! and there is also more dark choco dreams on the spoon[:

Green Smoothieee!

Snack was Green Smoothie! made with 365 peanut butter, spinach, organic milk, banana slices

i love amys!

lunch was an amys burrito! sides were: apple, raw carrots, a greek yogurt with rosemary honey (heavenly!) and an innocent smoothie tube

ALMOST GONE! how ugly haha!

not such a gorgeous photo! but snack was plain yogurt with puffins blueberries and dark chocolate dreams at the bottom. I promise i will improve on my photos!

wholewheat pasta with my mommys homemade sauce

dinner was wholewheat penne with my moms sauce, basil, & organic grated cheese

this used to freak me out because of the oil used to sautee the onions and tomatoes but i love it always now!

snack is going to be cinnamon granola mixed with a nuked banana and raisins yummm

i will post about thanksgiving tomorrow night! i am in the mood for carrot cake oats so i will make them a la Maya & Eliza!

Lots of love!!

xoxo sophie

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