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hey! so i just found out that today is NATIONAL PEANUT BUTTER DAY. embrace the pb, its amazing[: i had tons today before i even knew. do you think i was meant to be born on this day? i do. i think its because im addicted 😛

started the day with- CARROT CAKE OATS with TONS of… PEANUT BUTTER 😀

inspired by e & m!

oats with coconut, shredded carrot, (and a chunk of carrot- what the heck?!) raisins, peanut butter, and topped with a greek yogurt & brown sugar mix.

i love carrot cake oats! making desert into breakfast is so fun.

we headed to church after breakfast only to find ourselves home a half an hour later – my little sisters stitches broke! (yuckkk) so we came home and did what us ladies do best-we baked banana bread 😛

greek yogurt with a slice of homemade banana bread and blooooooberries

we made it with spelt because my momma is a wheat free- she usually doesnt expect us to make her things she can eat but we do sometimes just to make her happy 😉

a ladybug landed on my finger today (please excuse my nails, i chip off my nail polish a day after i get them done!) and i thought i would send the luck to you. wherever you are going you always have this little guy looking after you!  HAPPY NATIONAL PB DAY BEAUTIFUL AMAZING

xoxo soph




  1. Good thing I had a dose of pb this morning. (Seriously it should be a form of treatment for ill people, makes you happy!)
    Banana bread and carrot cake and oats are also some of the best foods ever so all in one day = mmmmmm

  2. Happy PB day, you are so full of life. Nice idea for carrot cake oats . Have a nice night Soph.

  3. Thank you for sharing that with us, I had no idea! Happy PB day! 🙂

  4. OMG how did I not know it was national pb day?!?! That ladybug is adorable, btw!

  5. I glad I was able to fill you in on the Natl PB Day celebration 🙂

    Ladybugs are pretty cool, arent they! LMK how the granola bars turn out for you!!!!

  6. Did you know if a ladybug lands on you then you will have good luck? Working yet? 🙂

    Carrot cake oats sound REALLY good! Will have to try that one!

  7. your carrot cake oats looks so so amazing!!

  8. haha happy PB day hmm dinner ideas maybe i’ll use PB ;] hahaha…love your carrot cake oaties !!! they look so so gooood love the pb usage ;] lol..and poor lil sisters stickes !! ahh :/ but atleast you got to make nananana bread ;] that snack looks so good, i want you to come bake for me k? ;P
    you are too cute with that lady bug and haha if you saw my nails you would have nightmare jk, my nails are like so bad that the nail ladies always like talk in their language to eachother making fun of my cuticals ;P :/ so sad…lol…well ladybugs are so cool and that pic is awsome!

    love you more than 100000267849949023023435 tbsp of PB… ;P


  9. aww yyay for PB day! that is so wonderfully awesome!!!!!

  10. omg you are too cute :] “a lady bug landed on my finger today” hahah. the lady bugs run rampant in london! i remember playing with them all the time living there…they aren’t quite frequent visitors here in the states–i think they like rain haha.
    despite it being PB day, today is the first day in like YEARS that i have not had pb or ab. WEIRD. i didn’t know it was a national holiday though. i feel bad now haha. i will have some with my nighty snack :]

  11. My beautiful amazing sophe!! happy PB DAY!!!!
    carrot cake oats + PB !! WHAT!?? that sounds like heavennn and looks soo good, love it, that pic, is makin me hungry ; p hhee..yum! so yummmiii that nananer bread looks so good! with the blooobs! and the lady bug, gaaa!! so cute! (good luck! that is good, luck and i think a sign that i am coming to London…..on the 27th 😉 (yupyup!) hehe. 😦 i wish lol…BUT love lady bugs!! 😉

    love uu so muhcooo grande!

    maya ; ]

  12. I like you carrot cake oats they sound delish.

  13. mm i think you are celebrating pb day wonderfully!!
    those carrot cake oats look fabulous!
    happy sunday!
    ps-thanks love

  14. Your oats look absolutely heavenly.. you inspire me to finally attempt a different style of oatmeal…! We will see if I get that far 😉

    Happy PB day girl!

    ps.. I think its adorable that you baked something your mama can eat 😛

  15. i love the picture of you with the lady bug!! so cute 🙂 and love that it is national pb day- even though pretty much every day is for m ehaha

  16. National PB Day!? I had no idea! That’s awesome though. 😀

    I love ladybugs. They’re probably the ONLY bug I like. So pretty.. and lady-like. 😛

  17. Ladybugs are good luck!!!!!!!

    Yay for a juicer, you will love creating all kinds of juices!!! My favorite combo is apple + Carrot + Ginger!!!!!

    Have a great day!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  18. Maybe you can pretend today is your birthday 😉 Your “Un-Birthday” like on Alice In Wonderland!
    So Happy Un-Birthday & PB Day, my lovely Sophie.

    It was so odd, because just before reading this, I had made myself a “Carrot Cake” sandwich! PB, grated carrot&apple, and cinnamon! Needless to say, it was beeeautiful. What a coincidence 😉

    Your Mama is very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter! And we’re all very lucky to have you in our lives, sending us Ladybug lovin’ and luck.

    Eleanor xo

  19. Happy pb day:)

  20. Your carrot cake oats look delish! It’s been too, too long since I made those. I may just have to indulge now 🙂

    I’m allergic to peanuts, so I celebrated today with some extra almond butter indulgence… not the same, but a good substitute nonetheless 🙂

    Hope your week starts out great, hun!

  21. HUZZUH for PB DAY!!!

  22. that is the most teeny tiny ladybug i’ve ever seen, so cute! happy natl pb day to you too girl! looks like you celebrated in style 🙂

  23. Aaaw that ladybug is so cute! Maybe she was your present, national peanut butter day being your unbirthday and all. 😉
    Your poor sister… Maybe you could give her some peanut butter to compensate for the yuckiness of her stitches breaking. Or a bowl of those delicious carrot cake oats!


  24. Happy peanut butter day to you too 🙂

    I really must investigate what is so amazing about peanut butter – everyone seems to be obssessed with it!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog and have a fabulous week!

    Sarah x

  25. Hey sophie are you getting my etsy emails?


  26. Lucky girl with the ladybug;)

    Hope you had a great PB-day!

    x Julia (Taste of Living)

  27. Opps sorry sophie! I got your name mixed up with a customer of mine! Sorry


  28. Whoa, is that ladybug real? Sooo tiny and adorable!

  29. oh gosh the lady bug is so adorble!
    happy PB day my sweet sophie!

  30. Awwwww thanks!! She is the best, she is a hyper little puppy too, she cracks me up!!!

    PB2 I hope is good, I just ordered samle packs on the site, was really cheap, and if I love it, I will get a big jar!!

    Have a great day! xoxo

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