Posted by: oatsandchocolate | December 9, 2009


hi! how are youuu doing today[: ? hoping you all had a great week so far! unfortunately i have been sick and most of my day has been eating experimenting with my daddys camera …and sleeping! had a good day today though- feeling alot better. eats today were so good!

really cinnomany oaties[: whipped banana oats, CINNAMMONNN, almond buutter, plain vanilla yogurt,honey

this was yesterdays breakfast… todays photo was like SO bad! i was too sleepy to realize until now! hehee-

lets do organic cone, green and blacks chocolate & vanilla ice cream — oh goodness…maybe this wasnt so good for a sicky girl?!

omelette made by mom- 2 eggs, stuffed with feta and mushrooms, 2 slices wholemeal bread. danival ketchup & smoothie on the side!

a favoritee- plain greek yogurt with honey, blueberries, and strawberries!

moms stirfry (carrot, chicken, broccoli, corn, alfalfa sprouts) over brown rice.. almost couldnt finish this i felt so sick! but it was too good[:

spelt fllakes with milk, banana, and a little drizzle of agave mmm

i hope you all had days filled with sunshine and fun! my current obsession of the moment is christmas cookies! have to make some soon huh? sweet dreams and talk soon!





  1. ice cream ALWAYS helps a sick girl!! hehe. good call boo! im so sorry you arent feeling good! your eats look great tho. i LOVE CHRISTMAS COOKIES! gona make some RIGHT when i get home for break!

  2. hey cutie!
    😦 ahh so sucky that you have been sick! hated that when i was a week or so ago, made eating so so hard, but i am SO proud of you girly for doing well and eating your meals, you are so strong and amazing 🙂 and your eats look so good! that green and blacks ice cream YUM 🙂 and your mom’s stir fry sounds and looks amazing, may have to make something like that tonight 🙂
    and Christmas cookies, 🙂 gotta make some soon too!
    love you beautiful girly

  3. ohh no feel better my lovie! 😦 but your eats look amzing! that cinnanommyyy breekie! such a cool/good pic! and looks so nummmmy 🙂 and i must get green and blacks ice cream love their chocolate so much! ur amamazingg girl! love u so much! feel better1 xxo


  4. Your oats look FANTASTIC! the more cinnamon = the better 🙂

    Hope you feel 100% very soon!

  5. feel better hun ❤

  6. welcome to the sick girls club. its such a bummer!
    at least you’re combatting it with some delish eats!!
    feel better!!

  7. Ice cream is so good…even when sick 🙂


    Ok, maybe not.

    Hope you’ll feel better soon! Maybe Christmas cookies will help???


    Ok, maybe not.

  8. all of your eats look so delicious!!

    feel better 🙂

  9. awww cutie, hope you feel better soon! LOVE all your eats – how do you make such yummy things even when your sick? especially love that ice cream cone 🙂 green and blacks = the best ice cream!

    loads of love and get well wishes ❤
    hannah xo

  10. I hope you start to feel better soon ❤

    Your oats look ridiculously creamy, you have no idea.
    The ice cream looks great!!

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