Posted by: oatsandchocolate | November 30, 2009

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…

Happy monday! Back to school and back to work after the long weekend huh? Bleehhh! Leave me home with my pumpkin pie[: I have been doing homework non-stop yeesssh. Had a really good day at school and went to starbucks with a friend! whats your favorite at starbucks? mine is the soya chai latte. mmm love it!

whipped banana oats, LOTS of fruit, flax, almond butter, almonds! (almond overload:)

started off the rainy london morning (i miss the sun of the hamptons!) with a bowl of whipped banana oats, added in flax and a couple of almonds, strawberries and raspberries, and topped it off with almond butter! my ultimate comfort food and weekness[: !

lemon cookies from whole foods along with a delicious apple!

lunch made at school! hovis whole wheat bread, turkey, lettuce, honey mustard (MMM) kettle cooked chips and an unpictured apple on the side

had a soya chai at starbucks before track & then came home and had… vanilla yogurt with honey roasted almonds, apricot jam, and a dried mango slice! ( I LOVE MANGO!)

wholewheat spegetti (i am a clueless speller) with homemade tomato sauce and cheese and 2 chicken breast on the side (with more tomato sauce!) also roasted veggies[:

typical american!

green and blacks organic strawberry ice cream– okay there were about 2 scoops left so i just said what the heck! and added some strawberries and ate it right from the carton!

had a really good day today but there was this kid who was younger then me who saw my lunch and said “Well its no wonder you gained so much weight”. Eesh- that was annoying to hear- especially because i dont concider that to be alot of food! compared to what i was eating on weight gain! i need the food and i have to keep assuring myself of that because sometimes i forget- going to read a book to my little sister and then might catch up on some GOSSSIP GIRL! hope you all had a wonderful day[:





  1. Hey Sophie, looks like u had a nice day! dont mind what anyone else says about your food, it looks yummy! and people will always be making comments, whether its about being too thin, what/how much you eat etc…Thats just what people do! My dad even comments on what my lil sis (without an ed) eats. To them, commentin on food is just like commenting on your hair, peeps like us are just a bit more sensitive to those comments cause we have that stupid little gremlin trying to get into our thoughts. But keep goin, your doing great! really, gosh im 21 and would love to be further into recovery like you!!xoxo

  2. wow, that kid is so lame for saying that, im sorry girl!!

    you are SOOO cute!!
    your eats look amazing too!! cant WAIT to read more of your blog!!

  3. that’s awful that that kid said that to you! some kids at that school can be so snobbish =/
    your meals look awesome don’t let anyone put you down hun.
    i’m about to catch up on gossip girl as well :]

  4. ew dislike that kids comment so much!
    delishhh eats dear 🙂 glad you had a good day

  5. love that pic of you omg you are adorable! “typical American” haha… 😉
    love your eats girly, your snack looks so yummmy! and soy chai at Starbucks is so good! i want to get the gingerbread latte asap! 🙂

    xx love you!

  6. ugh can i slap that kid in the face? okay thanks 🙂 lol..he is just jealous bc he cant be so beautiful and eat such yummy foods hehe..

    my fave starbucks drink is also the chai latte! so good!
    love all the eats!! must get green and blacks ice cream! love their chocolate! and almond+almond oats!! Yum! and ur mom looks like she is a great chef, that pasta yum!

    xo love you!!

  7. omg what a stupid comment for that kid to make, sounds like you handled it well though 🙂 and your right – you need this food!

    love all your eats, especially the ice cream and the yog/almond/mango combo. i love mango too! deffo one of my all time fave fruits.

    enjoy your day!

    hannah ❤

  8. heyy! i love your blog 🙂

    your eats look delicious! yum!

    have a great day. xoxox

  9. Ugh! Kids can be sooOoo… smackable! Lol. I think your eats look fab but you my dear, look even more fabulous!!


  10. That kid is stupid. You should have smacked him/her. I would have! Haha, guess I’m not as nice as you.

    Your eats look amazing though. Those lemon cookies look adorable!

  11. I hate it when people make remarks concerning what I eat and my weight gain. But I always tell them to go to hell or something a bit more vulgar… ;D

    Your food looks amazing, ‘specially lunch. I love turkey sammies with mustard. You make it look so yummy!

  12. I hate when people comment on my food!

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