Posted by: oatsandchocolate | November 28, 2009


hey! super busy day today[: a day filled with banannanas! i dont know why i spell bannanananas like that. bananananas! woke up pretty early to do our family christmas card photo shoot- it was interesting…to say the least! then we walked to a japanese pplace for lunch and then i went to a friends and we watched movies! it was really fun – now what did i eat today?

whipped bannananna oatmeal with raisins, choc nut PB, agave, strawberries, and apricots!



veggie chips go best with george clooney!

tyrells natural veggie chips along with an article on george clooney[:

went to a japanese place and got chicken tofu ramen! so warm and yummy[:

me & my friend went a little nuts and made mushy banannanas with melted DCD PB! mmm choclateeey!

amys brown rice, tofu, and mixed veggies bowl! i added a grilled chicken breast && more veggies. mashed banananas mixed with honey on the side (what a surprise, more bananas!)

finished off the night with a strawberry smoothie- green and blacks organic strawberry ice cream, half a banana (again!) milk, and ice.

going to watch 500 days of summer with my momma and daddy now[: i hope you all had a wonderful day!! (and maybe it was less nanner filled then mine!)





  1. wow thats bananannanassss lol! LOVE IT love nanannas they are my fave fruit ever! such great eats, banana mashed with honey*must try that!* and 500 days of summer greatest movie! loved it!
    but what i dont get silllly girly, is that u said u went to a french cafe and then u had ramen noodles for lunch lol ? πŸ˜‰ but that noodle bowl does look so warm and yummy! hehe

    have a great night soph!

    loveu xo

    • I think i did that because me and my dad were being rediculously french all day! I was born there so occasiionally we talk like that. oOOPS. went to wagamamas! i am not too smartttt. love you m xxx

      • LOVE wagamama!!!

  2. Haha i agree with Maya…French cafe and Japanese noodle? O_O

    Yummy eats, I would love to eat breakfast with you πŸ™‚

    Have a nice weekend

  3. hey :] I found your blog on Maya’s page and I’m excited to follow yours! I’m pretty new to the blogging community as well and I’m sure you will find it so positive and motivating.
    BTW–I lived in London too when I was younger and went to the lower school at the American School in London. Curious but do you go there?!
    Have a fabulous day!!

    p.s. your meals look fab!!

    Love Becca

    • thats so funny! haha. i still have tons of friends there maybe you know a few :] loved ASL def take advantage of it while you are there–there is no other school like it!

  4. Woah! You are such a beyond great kid this day looks awesome… your a good cook too hun xxx

  5. Banan-o-rama! Hahaha, your eats look amazing.
    Too much of a good thing is never a bad thing. πŸ˜‰
    Your posts are s upbeat and full of happiness; they’re really inspiring and you plaster a smile all over my face.

    Eleanor. xo

  6. Ooo I LOVE that you and your friend had mooshed banananans πŸ˜‰ with DCD. That sounds really good by the way. It’s crazy how many veggie options are at Asian restaurants. Anyway, have a wonderful Sunday!!!

  7. πŸ™‚ thank you so much for stopping by my little blog, love yours! can’t wait to keep reading!
    mm love bananas & you are so right amy sure can cook!!
    have a beautiful sunday!!

  8. the smooshed narna and DCD combo looks amaaaazing! i love bananas πŸ™‚

    glad you had a great day! enjoy your sunday love ❀

    hannah xo.

  9. Yummy yummy eats I have to say! Lol. Am loving the positivity that comes from through your post. So contagious and smile-inducing!!

    Enjoy your day hun!!


  10. your eats look delish girl! i think im going to eat some PB right now after seeing that delicious combo of nana+DCD πŸ™‚

  11. Bananas rule! Currently I’ve been putting them in more savory dishes then sweet!


  12. Bananas and PB – I swear there’s no a better combo!

  13. Smooshed up naner with pb looks fab!

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